Halina Hotel is far 2 kilometers away from Han River Bridge. Han River Bridge, the first swing one in VietNam, is built on Bach Dang Street, between Hai Chau District and Son Tra District, this is the great pride of Da Nang people. The Han River Bridge – the symbol for new vitality and the developing desire of the City – was built with the contribution of the entire City’s people. It seems that all poetic features of the Han River can be only expressed deeply in the space of Han River Bridge with full of wind and ventilation. It not only facilitates transport and potential for tourism, wakening economic prospects of a vast area in the eastern City but is a cultural spot of Da Nang people today left behind for the future generations.

At midnight (0.30) every weekends, with a running time of about 15 – 20 minutes. Traffic is stopped from crossing the Han River Bridge and it swings on its axis to allow shipping traffic to pass along the river. It will close about 3.30 a.m. This is the reason why Han River Bridge becomes special and attracts a huge number of tourists visiting.

Han River Bridge is 487.7m long, 11.9m wide, includes 11 spans with 33m long each.

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